A Premium Cannabis Company


Combining passion and expertise to produce pure, premium cannabis.

Founded on the belief that Canadian’s deserve access to a consistent, diverse supply of the highest quality cannabis, Canary intends to provide it.



Our heart is truly in it. Our founder is a long-time advocate for compassionate access to cannabis.


Cultivating cannabis is not a new thing for us. Our team has decades of hands-on, large scale growing experience.

Quality Control

We don’t just aim to meet Health Canada’s quality and safety requirements, we aim to exceed them.


Smart strain selection is super important. We’ll be hand selecting a range of premium genetics.


Situated in Ontario’s Garden, Norfolk County, Canary lies nestled amongst the shores of Lake Erie in a vibrant, agricultural community. Our 44,000 sq ft facility is engineered to meet strict quality control standards, and equipped with the latest environmental control technology.


Coming Soon!

If you’re interested in partnering with Canary, please contact us.

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