Canary has Officially Rebranded

December 16th 2017

Canary is Dropping the RX, and Adopting a Sleek New Look to Prepare for Licensing

Canary is delighted to officially unveil our company-wide rebranding, which has launched across our website and social media platforms.

With our License to Produce on the horizon, we feel it’s important to adapt our company image to better represent Canary’s values and objectives. Canary is positioning itself as a premium cannabis company, with a focus on producing pure, high quality, curated cannabis products. Our rebrand has been executed with these ambitions in mind. Our sleek, minimalist new logo is an abstract, geometric cannabis leaf coupled with modern typography, and a canary yellow colour scheme. Simplicity, clean lines, and colours drawn from the flowers of the cannabis plant symbolise purity, and our commitment to letting the quality of our cannabis speak for itself.

Canary intends for it’s image to grow with the company, and Canada’s increasing acceptance of the cannabis community. In anticipation of recreational cannabis legalization, Canary is positioned to adapt our branding according to evolving political and social conditions.

Canary’s new image can be viewed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our website