Canary Progresses to Active Review

March 26th 2018

Health Canada Notifies Canary of Active Review Status

Canary Rx Inc. (“Canary”) is pleased to announce that its application to become a licensed producer (“LP”) under Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (“ACMPR”) has progressed to active review’. This progress places Canary in the final stage of the ACMPR application process, preceding the issuance of a license to produce. Meanwhile, Canary continues to work closely with Health Canada to complete its cutting-edge production facility, designed to cultivate premium cannabis products.

Construction at Canary’s 40,000 sq ft, Norfolk County facility is underway. Once complete, Canary will submit an evidence package to Health Canada demonstrating its adherence to the ACMPR, and its readiness to begin cultivating cannabis.

“This progress represents a significant milestone for Canary and our shareholders. It proves that Canary, including our industry network, have excellent people who plan thoughtfully, manage our development following our timelines, stay focused on our plans, and keep us on track for both our cultivation as well as our subsequent sale licenses,” said Randall MacLeod, CEO of Canary Rx Inc.

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