Canary announces Partnership with Dutch breeder Serious Seeds

December 11th 2018

Canary Rx Inc. (“Canary”), is thrilled to announce our partnership with Serious Seeds B.V. (“Serious Seeds”). Serious Seeds is a world renowned and highly acclaimed Dutch seed bank known for breeding premium cannabis strains, including AK-47, Chronic, Bubble Gum, Serious Kush, Kali Mist, and White Russian. 

For over 20 years, Serious Seeds have bred a curated catalogue of classic, high quality, stable cannabis genetics. Their methodical approach to perfecting an exclusive selection of now legendary strains, has gained Serious Seeds a flood of accolades and awards within the cannabis community. 

“Selecting the highest quality genetics is a fundamental aspect of producing premium cannabis, so we are delighted to be joining forces with such a distinguished and globally recognized breeder as Serious Seeds”, said Randall MacLeod, CEO of Canary Rx Inc. “This is just one strategic partnership for Canary as we position ourselves to become Canada’s preferred producer of premium cannabis products”. 

The groundbreaking partnership will see Serious Seeds breeding their original strains at Canary’s 44,000 sq ft facility in Norfolk County, Ontario, as well as developing new genetics for the emerging recreational market. Canary will also have exclusive access to Serious Seed’s current catalogue of strains in Canada and other legal territories, providing growers with a legal avenue to obtain world class genetics. 

“Serious Seeds has placed careful consideration into selecting an appropriate cannabis producer with which to share our genetics”, said Simon from Serious Seeds. “We’ve been approached by other Licensed Producers, but Canary appealed to us because of the unrivaled talent of their growers, their superior cultivation techniques, and our shared philosophy of quality over quantity. Serious Seeds has always been about breeding the best strains, not the most strains, and that will be our continued focus”. 

Serious Seeds has earned its reputation over decades, despite significant legal and regulatory restraints. Such passion, dedication and expertise is a relatively untapped resource, often overlooked by the deluge of industry newcomers. Canary will continue to seek out partnerships with veterans of the cannabis community that deserve recognition in the newly emerging legal market.  

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