About Us

What Are We?

A final-stage ACMPR applicant poised to produce premium cannabis products. Canary is a wholly owned subsidiary of Target Group Inc. We’re building a world class facility and processes, while cultivating a unique brand identity targeting the medical and recreational markets.

Where Are We?

  • Canary has received a “Letter of Readiness” from Health Canada
  • Currently completing our facility build-out
  • Preparing our systems to obtain a Cultivation License
  • Acquiring talented individuals to add to our expert team

Where We've Been



Canary’s founder decides to leverage his MMAR experience and apply it to the newly announced MMPR system.


Canary is founded, and begins preparing an MMPR application.


Canary acquires a suitable production facility in Norfolk County, ON.



Canary receives zoning verification from Norfolk County.


Original MMPR application is completed and submitted to Health Canada.


Canary is assigned an application number by Health Canada, and progresses to ‘Review’ stage of the MMPR application process.


Canary progresses from ‘Review’ to ‘Enhanced Review’ stage of MMPR application process.



Canary progresses to the ‘Detailed Review and Security Clearance’ stage of the ACMPR process. The final stage before a Cultivation License is issued.



Health Canada notifies Canary they are introducing improvements to streamline the ACMPR process.


Canary Submits an updated and abridged ACMPR application to Health Canada.


Canary breaks ground on construction at the Norfolk County Facility.


Health Canada notifies Canary of progress to ‘Active Review’ status



Canary receives ‘Letter of Readiness’ from Health Canada


Visava Inc., 100% owner of Canary RX is acquired by Target Group Inc. [OTC US:CBDY]

Our Difference


Our heart is truly in it. Our founder is a long term advocate for compassionate access to cannabis.


Cultivating cannabis is not a new thing for us. Our team has decades of hands on, large scale, growing experience.

Quality Control

We don’t just aim to meet Health Canada’s quality and safety requirements, we aim to exceed them.

Strain Selection

Smart strain selection is super important. We’ll be hand selecting premium strains with short growth cycles and high yields.

The Facility

Phase 1

44,000 sq ft with lab and extraction space, zoned light industrial and municipally approved for cannabis cultivation.

Planned Expansion

Future plans to expand our footprint and production capacity.


Located in a low density agricultural community, in the heart of Norfolk County

Strategic Location

Strategically located close to the GTA and USA border with easy access to major shipping routes/systems.

To learn more about Canada’s blooming cannabis market,

view Statistics Canada’s Cannabis Stats Hub

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For investment related enquiries please contact our parent company, Target Group Inc.

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